As a Humanitarian Project and Company we really don't gain much when profitability is at concern. Our main priority is to truly give back to the community by providing a system that can drastically change the lives of the less fortunate. As you are well aware there are just countless of online and offline opportunities making obscene claims of creating wealth for you but the reality is far from the truth, so as a company our main objective is to change this trend and make a real difference in people's lives. Therefore, FastLegacy Rewards System was built upon the foundation of what our society really needs. A system to truly eliminate poverty status. We call it "Project Stop Poverty"!

Our Rewards program is a total turnkey system that anyone can do regardless of past or current experience and has the highest payout than any program on the planet today with a total payout of 87%! You won't find a higher payout anywhere! But what makes our Rewards system so unique compared to any other opportunity in the industry today? Our custom design was built for SPEED with an amazing leveraging system that locks everyone in so everyone wins financially! But the best part is its ALL RESIDUAL INCOME with no Hidden Qualifiers, No Ranking, No Quotas, No Compulsory Selling and no Hidden Surprises like Traditional Network Marketing or Direct Selling business models. In fact, FastLegacy is specifically designed for those who HATE or are tired of the following:

  • Traditional Network Marketing (MLM)
  • Traditional Business
  • Employment
  • Constant none stop Recruiting
  • Convincing Friends and Family
  • Compulsory selling

And the list goes on and on...

Antonette S. - Cebu

Ako po ay 16 year old at isang estudyante sa grade 11. At my early age of 14 years old I started doing Traditional Networking - MLM , pero sa totoo lang napakahirap ng MLM Networking dahil napakamahal ng entry, hindi kaya ng lahat ng mga tao at mahirap dahil sa walang katupusang recruiting. Marami akong pangarap sa buhay and I dont want to prolong my agony anymore. Noong nakita ko ang FastLegacy nabuhayan ako ng loob at mas mapapabilis pa ang pag abot ng aking mga pangarap. Napakabilis lang gawin at hindi ito katulad ng Traditional Networking na kailangan mo pang mag benta ng Tangible product at pilit ipinabebenta sa iyo ng upline mo. Sa FastLegacy napakadali kumita ng malaki dito at dahil po sa sobrang ganda ng sistema malki na po ang naitulong ko sa akin ina. Dati kahit nagnenetworking ako hindi ako makabili ng mga bagay na gusto kong bilhin pero ngayon kayang kaya ko ng bumili ng kahit anong gusto ko, hindi na rin ako nanghihingi ng pera sa mama ko , ako pa ang nagbibigay ng pera sa kanya dahil malaki na ang aking kinikita sa FastLegacy. At sa maliit na halaga ng Subscription fee ako ay kumita ng 20,000 in 3 weeks time! At ang mas nakakatuwa pa dito ay lifetime ang income! Para na akong pensioner nito! Kahit hindi nagtratrabaho may sinusweldo! Hindi katulad ng Traditional Networking ay ONE TIME lang ang income! Kaya sa FastLegacy bata man o matanda kayang-kaya gawin ito! Sa maliit na halaga ng subscription kikita ka hindi lang once kundi every month after a month for life!

Thank you for truly caring and providing a real opportunity anyone can do and easily succeed!

So as you can see FastLegacy is truly powerful and rewarding but the best part is our "ADVOCACY". We believe that creating wealth in others may be important but what is more important is giving back to our community and helping the less fortunate. As part of FastLegacy, every Affiliate has the option to dedicate a portion of his/her monthly earnings on every subscription earned and donate that to our FastLagacy Charity fund and every quarter we will be donating these proceeds thru goods with different local government organizations such as Boys Town, Home of the Elderly etc., etc and even create our own outreach program for the homeless as well contribute when natural disaster strikes. "Take note, we are not a donation platform or program nor do we encourage anyone to subscribe for this purpose. This is completely a voluntary act of each Affiliate if he/she would like to help our Filipino and global community. Therefore our Advocacy goes beyond creating wealth for those in need, we believe in sharing the spirit of love of giving and helping the less fortunate and you can be a part of this humble and amazing journey.

To find out more about how our Rewards Program works you may visit any one of our many Affiliate's FastLegacy site for more information and if you don't have a referrer and you just happen to stumble upon this site you may contact us directly through our company contact page and we will direct you accordingly.