Codes of Conduct

While building my business for profit, I will make the "Golden Rule" that all ethical practices are followed within the Companies Code of Conduct and I am fully aware that if any violation of these codes may lead to suspension or permanent termination of my Affiliateship with FastLegacy International LLC.

While seeking rewarding methods for my Affiliate Marketing career, I will employ techniques and strategies that reflect positively on the Affiliate industry, my company and myself.

I will familiarize myself with the Terms and Condition and Rules and Regulations of my company and will endeavor to comply with the spirit and letter of the law regarding my industry.

I will endeavor to fulfill all commitments I make.

I will provide and assist in guiding my Affiliates towards the proper training and encouragement of those whom I work with to the best of my ability.

While presenting my business opportunity to prospects in the best possible manner, I will accurately reflect earning potentials.

Should a disagreement arise, I will make every effort to settle it in a spirit of cordiality and fairness.

I will respect the staff within the company and comply with any advice given from them that fall within the Code of Conduct.

I will never use any unethical language or vulgarity towards the company staff, Affiliates or Prospects.

While recognizing other companies as competitors, I will maintain a loyalty to FastLegacy by demonstrating a professional and friendly attitude toward all Companies and Distributors.

I commit to be of service to mankind, to respectfully learn their needs and wants, and offer my affiliate marketing products, services, and business to help them better their lives. I offer to educate, and help them discover what's best for themselves, rather than any other motive.

I use my company's products and services regularly, I love them, and I am an ambassador for them.

I commit to be honest and kind to others regardless of any slander I have received and I agreed to be the best Affiliate I can be and to respect others' commitments to their companies.

I agree to give my team of Affiliates every opportunity to teach and lead.

I will practice patience, ethics, and a positive mindset and will only talk about positive things about people and companies.

I will conduct myself professionally at all times and be a role-model for my team online and offline.

I will not record or broadcast people for training purposes or any other, without their permission.

I will participate in the Advocacy of the Company to help the poorest of the poor, for this is the heart of our Company.

I agree not to cross sponsor/recruit in FastLegacy - Cross-sponsoring is a form of raiding that takes place within the confines of a single company network. Simply put - it is the recruitment of company Affiliates into another business venture. Cross sponsoring violates one of the most time honored and fundamental principles of human conduct. Cross-sponsoring creates conflict of interest within a network and damages an Affiliate's reputation. Although the crossing may be done without malicious intent, the crosser's honesty and integrity quickly come into question. Respect and trust are jeopardized or destroyed. Hard feelings are engendered with any Affiliate whose networks have been invaded or harmed. Cross Sponsoring is predatory, parasitic and unethical. It gives a bad name to the industry as a whole and sets a precedent that is highly destabilizing.

If I am actively involved with two companies or more at the same time, I will not cross promote any such company with any of the Affiliates of FastLegacy as whole or discredit, slander, bad mouth or denouncing the other for the sake of attracting others to any other opportunity I'm involved with. This is a form of raiding. This is also predatory, parasitic and unethical.

I will not engage in any Sneaky Crossing: False Names, Siblings, & Insignificant Other! This is when an Affiliate who gets involved concurrently with other opportunities and often goes to great lengths to disguise their cross-sponsoring activities. This is when an Affiliate uses his/ her wife, husband, sibling, neighbor, company or puppet distributor to cross sponsor others into another business network and is highly unethical and a coward's attempt to disguise the worst type of cross-sponsoring piracy.

I agree not to do any Crossing-up, or approaching your Referrer as a target for another Network Marketing ventures. This is just another type of cross-sponsoring. Once again, as with sneaky crossing, this is an attack on someone else's business network - Their network all the way up.

As a role model outside of FastLegacy I will NEVER be involved in any Ponzi scheme or illegal business Online or Offline for this reflects poor Leadership, Character and leads to Unethical Business Practices which may create possible legal issues and tarnish my reputation and of others.

I understand that Networks are built by the effort of many individuals, and are co-owned proportionally by everyone involved. No one has exclusive ownership of an entire network. Therefore, I agree to always be mindful of what I say and how I conduct myself online in any Forum or Group Chat. I will also respect other Affiliates Group Chats and will not share any other opportunity other than FastLegacy unless doing a respectful business comparison of two systems.

If any complaints have been made against me, I agree to be ethical, forthright, honest and cooperative with any investigation being made. Integrity is my main priority.

I will abide in all the Codes of Conduct, Terms and Condition of the (FLI) Policies & Procedures and to NEVER share any other opportunity with any Affiliate of any program that has no relations to (FLI). I fully understand that I can be terminated immediately from (FLI) with no subscription refunds if I am found guilty of violating any such acts herein.